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TypeLit.io began as a single web developer's side project, dreamed up and bootstrapped in Vancouver, Canada.

Since then, the site has gained a substantial following -- one for which I'm enormously grateful.

It's my hope that this website will not only help improve one's typing, but provide a new way to experience the works of great authors of the past, inspire fledgling authors of the future, and contribute to the linguistic and technological literacy of everyone.

How You Can Help

If TypeLit.io has proven a valuable resource for you, feel free to support the site by sharing it with anyone you think might benefit from it:

  • Introduce it to your teachers
  • Use it with your students
  • Write an article for your favorite publication
  • Blog, or even vlog about it if that's still a cool thing to do
  • Share it on social media
  • Etc. (The possibilities are endless!)

The Other Way You Can Help

If you'd like to support the site financially, you can sign-up for a $5 monthly subscription. This will unlock a suite of premium features such as additional fonts, customizable themes, and file import functionality. Contributions go towards keeping the servers up and running, and ensures we're able to spend time improving the site and developing new features.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has previously donated to the site -- we wouldn't have got here without you! TypeLit.io no longer accepts donations, but if you're feeling especially altruistic, consider supporting the folks over at freeCodeCamp.org. Their website was an invaluable resource for me back when I was first getting started in web development, as I'm sure it still is for many others.

Thanks for everything -- and happy typing!

Your pal,