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About File Import Functionality


Supported File Formats: Non-encrypted EPUB, PDF, and TXT files only. Must be utf-8 encoded (most things are).

Unsupported File Formats: MOBI (ie, any ebook from Amazon) and all other proprietary file formats are not supported.

Encryption and DRM: Encrypted or DRM protected files will not work with this site. If you're buying an ebook with the intention of using it with this site, please make sure it's not encrypted and is DRM-free beforehand.

Supported Languages: Any left-to-right languages where one character can be typed with one keystroke, or with modifier/dead keys like those on the US International Keyboard layout, should work (but no guarantees).

Unsupported Languages: Any languages where complex characters are "built" from multiple keystrokes (Mandarin, Japanese, etc) are not supported at this time. Languages typed right-to-left (Arabic, Hebrew, etc) are also not currently supported.

Accents and Apple: Limited support for typing accented characters on Apple devices when using US International Keyboard (or similar keyboard layouts).

Embedded Images: Ignored completely. Text that is part of an image will be removed.

Every File is Different: There's no guarantee this service will work with every EPUB, PDF, or TXT file even if the above guidelines are followed.


TypeLit.io and TypeLit Limited take copyright protection very seriously. Copyright rules vary between books or texts as much as they do between countries. Please ensure you are not breaking any laws and are not infringing on the rights of any copyright owners before importing material to this site. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before using this service.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • By using this service you affirm that any copyrighted material imported by you on this site has been obtained by legal and legitimate means, and that TypeLit.io and TypeLit Limited are not responsible for any legal repercussions which may arise from your breaking the law or infringing on the rights of copyright owners.
  • Absolutely do not break the DRM or any other copyright protection mechanisms on ebooks and other files so that you can use them on this site. This is a clear violation of a file's copyright at best, and full-on illegal at worst (ie, The DMCA).
  • All material imported by the user is stored on their own browser -- not on our servers. This data is only accessible to the user who imported it and will never be distributed or shared with other users. TypeLit.io and TypeLit Limited are not responsible for any loss of this data.
  • Files exported as backup (.typelit extension) are usable only by this site, and only by the user who initially imported the text that the file was produced from.